sore tongue

How to get rid of a blister on your tongue

If you’ve ever had a blister on your tongue, you’ll know it can cause discomfort and pain. We all know that healthy teeth and gums are essential for overall wellness, but did you know that your tongue also reveals clues about your general health? Blisters and sores on the tongue could be a sign of


Have you heard of sour tongue?

A change in your sense of taste could indicate an oral health issue If you have noticed a sour, bitter, or metallic taste in your mouth that you can’t seem to get rid of, it may be a sign of an underlying health issue. Although it is quite normal to experience an unpleasant taste from


How to keep your smile bright after whitening

If you have had a teeth whitening treatment, you’ll know that the results are very effective. Once the treatment is complete, it’s wonderful to see a stain-free smile that looks healthy and bright. While the results of a whitening treatment are long-lasting, it’s important to note that they are not permeant. But did you know


Myofunctional exercises for mouth breathing

While it’s completely normal to breathe through your mouth in certain situations — when you are doing strenuous exercise, or are nasally congested with a cold or flu, for example — breathing through the mouth all of the time can cause problems. Many people don’t even realize that they are breathing through the mouth, especially


How to stop tongue thrust

If your child suffers from tongue thrust, you will know that it can cause a number of issues. In fact, it can even affect their oral function, as well as their ability to eat and speak properly. But, do you know exactly what causes the condition, and how it can be managed? Read on to


What causes sleep apnea?

There was a time when it was widely believed that sleep apnea was a condition that affected only overweight, aging individuals. While age and weight are certainly risk factors for the development of the condition, it has since become clear that the breathing disorder can be caused by a number of factors and that it


Bad breath could be a sign of health issues

Most of us are affected by bad breath at some point. Really, who hasn’t indulged in too much garlic and onions or a tuna sandwich from time to time? But, if you suffer from persistent bad breath, it could be a sign of some other underlying health problems. Here’s what you should know about bad


How does sleep apnea affect women?

Sleep apnea affects people of all shapes and sizes, but did you know that the effects of sleep apnea are worse for women than men? According to a recent study conducted by UCLA School of Nursing, there are some considerable differences between the impacts of the condition on men and women — in fact, while


Does your child have an airway problem?

At Elite Dental of Staten Island, we offer a range of airway and sleep apnea treatments If your child has experienced some airway problems, read on to find out more about the condition. Why are children susceptible to airway problems? Anatomic features of an immature airway, as well as age-related developmental issues and general health


The link between oral health and heart disease

It’s no secret that your oral health is linked to your overall wellness, but did you know research now shows there is a connection between oral health and heart disease? According to studies, advanced gum disease can increase your risk of developing heart disease. Here’s what you should know about the connection, and how you